OpenAI CEO’s Worldcoin set to launch on July 24

Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency co-created by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is expected to go live on July 24.
The announcement was posted in the project’s Twitter on July 23.

It’s time. 24.7.23— Worldcoin (@worldcoin) July 23, 2023

The coin’s creators have been giving out Worldcoin (WLD) tokens to individuals all around the globe. In return, they should scan their iris with the coin’s system, The Orb. 
Worldcoin has faced several challenges due to iris scanning and other matters. The token has attracted its share of criticism in Silicon Valley circles due to online identity identification and financial inequality claims.

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Moreover, in 2022, Buzzfeed reported that some people who had their Worldcoins scanned by the Orb did not end up with the coins they had been promised. 

Worldcoin is already on sale
According to crypto analyst ZachXBT, Worldcoin’s tokens have been allegedly retailing at a discount, despite its yet-to-come launch.
The onchain monitor, who also provided snapshot evidence, confirmed that WLD has been trading through an unidentified vendor on Telegram.

No it’s not. Can already buy them on Telegram for cheap.— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) July 23, 2023

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