Moxy launches token sale, ‘Battle of the Influencers,’ and esports platform, an esports platform, held a triple launch for its Moxy platform, MOXY–its native token, and a battle among top internet influencers on July 15.’s triple launch
The launch marked the introduction of Moxy’s platform, a blockchain-powered platform that allows interested participants of the GameFi space, not just esports professionals, to play their favorite games competitively and earn rewards.
The event also featured the public sale of the native token, MOXY, allowing gamer enthusiasts and potential investors to join the Moxy ecosystem. Moreover, those participating in esport competitions for tangible rewards must hold MOXY.

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A highlight of the triple launch was the highly anticipated “Battle of the Influencers” event. The esport tournament pitted top internet influencers for a share of the MOXY token reward pool. Notably, it aimed to demonstrate the capacity of Moxy’s infrastructure and showcase the immersive gameplay and real-world payouts that define the Moxy ecosystem.

The launch concluded with the official opening of the Moxy platform to the general public. Global gamers gained access to competitive gameplay for real payouts. They challenged each other, competed in tournaments, and claimed MOXY.
Play-and-earn concept
Before the triple launch, the Moxy project launched its unique play-and-earn (P&E) model, differentiating it from the popular play-to-earn (P2E) concept. 
While P2E games focus solely on earning incentives and economics, lacking the value of immersive plots and game plays, Moxy’s P&E emphasizes enhanced gameplay and immersive plot lines. 
The guiding principle is that the primary motivation for players should be the enjoyment of the game, with earned rewards serving as an added benefit.
For a fair distribution of rewards, Moxy’s proof-of-play feature rates players based on points gotten through relevant playtime. This allows invested players to gain more over farm players that stay logged in but are away from the keyboard.
The triple launch on July 15 was significant not just for but for the entire gaming community. By combining e-sports, tokenomics, and the P&E model, Moxy aims to create a dynamic and engaging gaming platform for players.
By 2030, the global gaming industry is expected to reach $665 billion, up from 250 billion in 2022. At this pace, it will be growing with a CAGR of 13.%. Blockchain games are expected to grow in sync, even gaining market share spurred by its value proposition that includes true ownership, security, and transparency.

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