Missing crypto millionaire found dismembered in Argentina

The dismembered remains of Fernando Pérez Algaba, a missing millionaire crypto influencer, were found inside a suitcase by children in a stream in Argentina.
Fernando Perez Algaba, known affectionately as Lechuga, made his fortune doing luxury vehicle rental and cryptocurrency trading. With a notable presence on Instagram, Algaba gained 900,000 followers, actively using the platform to promote his business ventures.
Fernando Perez Algaba | Source: Instagram
He had settled in Barcelona, Spain. However, reports indicate he was in Argentina for about a week before an alleged murder.
According to the Daily Mail, Algaba’s mutilated body was located shortly after he had shared cryptic messages about encountering ‘evil people’ who responded to kindness with hate.

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Two children playing football found the millionaire’s body. After the children’s parents informed the Buenos Aires police, an investigation was initiated.
Initially, the authorities found legs and a forearm, with another complete arm discovered in the nearby stream. The missing head and torso were later located by authorities on July 26.
According to El Pais, the body parts of the millionaire appeared to have been cleanly amputated, indicating the involvement of a professional. The autopsy revealed that Algaba died from three gunshots. The investigation continues as authorities seek to unravel the incident’s circumstances.
In 2019, troubles started to surface for Algaba’s company, “Motors Lettuce SRL,” as it bounced checks, leading to purportedly insurmountable debts with the Argentine tax agency.
According to La Nacion’s report, Algaba left a note on his phone, stating that he had incurred significant losses from investing in cryptocurrency. Moreover, his association with the violent gang Barra Brava reportedly resulted in demands for a $40,000 loan from Algaba. 
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In recent months, several tragic incidents involved crypto millionaires.
ONFO coin CEO Forsyth, who amassed wealth through early Bitcoin (BTC) investments, was found dead with a gun wound.
Another notable figure, Nikolai Mushegian, co-founder of MakerDAO, was discovered deceased in Puerto Rico in October 2022. Shortly before that, he posted a tweet expressing concerns about potential threats from intelligence agencies. 

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