Early investors of Golden Inu’s GOLDEN are up 10X since June

Investors who purchased Golden Inu’s BEP-20 token in June are in profit after GOLDEN rallied 10X in less than six weeks.
Analysts note that the surge consolidates the meme coin as one of the top-performing tokens in the last seven months. GOLDEN is the native token of Golden Inu.
GOLDEN’s rise
Notably, the Golden Inu token has been on an upward trajectory, breaking pivotal price levels. 
Its recent rally saw the token surge 60% in 24 hours, pointing to strong buying pressure. Since its initial surge on June 11, GOLDEN has rallied 970%.

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At this pace, investors who held $1,000 worth of GOLDEN in June have seen their investment rally 10X to $10,000.
This rapid growth, some observers note, points to the potential of the project and GOLDEN. 
Driving factors
While the exact catalysts behind GOLDEN’s surge are diverse, several contributing factors have fueled its performance. 
Positive market sentiment, favorable market conditions, and a growing interest in cryptocurrencies are some elements that have likely played a role in boosting GOLDEN prices.
The token’s increasing momentum can also be attributed to its rising popularity ahead of GOLDEN’s deployment on Ethereum.
On July 13, the project plans to launch the ERC-20 version of GOLDEN on Ethereum. Subsequently, this could bolster the platform and even create fresh opportunities for expansion and acceptance.
This launch may also present an opportunity for investors as they can join the presale before the ERC-20 launch. The presale allows investors to buy GOLDEN at a discount.  

July 12 is the last day. The hard cap for ethereum (ETH) is expected to be reached quickly upon the release of the ERC-20 version of GOLDEN.
Prospects and opportunities
As GOLDEN interest increases and its utility expands, there are potential opportunities for further growth. 
The team behind Golden Inu envisions utilizing a multi-token approach, incorporating the ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions. 
Integration into utility-focused projects, such as the play-to-earn game “Golden Inuverse” and the decentralized e-commerce space, “Golden Bazaar,” could boost the long-term potential of GOLDEN.

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