rolls out euro deposits and withdrawals for retail traders has made euro deposits and withdrawals available for retail traders on its web platform, a press release shared with on Aug. 3 shows.
Retailers can now access euro trading exchange allows retail traders to transfer euros to and from their accounts, making trading crypto pairs like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT easier. 
This feature will be available first on the web platform, followed by the exchange app. Retail users are advised to wait for more updates in the near future.
Institutional clients began accessing euro trading on the platform in May 2023. They were offered low transfer fees, deep liquidity, advanced trading tools, and reward events. 

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This announcement allows retail traders to transfer, withdraw, and deposit euro without fees. This means they can initiate transactions with as little as €1 and enjoy the benefits of trading euro pairs on the platform without worrying about high transaction costs.
Retail traders can access deep liquidity features and exclusive rewards like Formula-1 event access for VIP traders. The project’s seamless onboarding process allows retail and institutional traders to sign up and start trading euro pairs. GEN 3.0 upgrade has also released its GEN 3.0 upgrade for traders to exploit the volatile crypto market. 
The update includes a new exchange and wallet infrastructure, which will be available to users. 
GEN 3.0 is designed to meet the needs of retail and institutional traders by merging spot and derivative features into a single exchange engine. 

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This will allow for more innovations since it has enhanced navigation design and a single wallet system, allowing faster and more efficient trades. 
Additionally, users will benefit from cross-collateral margin support across the spot, margin, and derivatives markets, providing better leverage and risk management capabilities.

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