BitSport unveils BitPool v2 and BITP token

BitSport has unveiled BitPool V2 that has cross-platform functionality and multiplayer capabilities. It has also initiated a Balancer Liquidity event on Fjordfoundry for its governance token, BITP.
BitSport unveils BitPool v2
BitPool v2 is an artificial intelligence (AI) and web3-based 8-ball pool game designed to merge the traditional 8-ball pool gameplay with blockchain technology and enhance user experience globally via enhanced rewards using its gamified features.
The recent update also adds cross-platform functionality and multiplayer capabilities for the first time, allowing gamers to enjoy multiplayer matches across web browsers or mobile devices.

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With the growing interest in GameFi projects, which utilize blockchain, gameplay, and token currencies, BitPool v2 aims to create new opportunities for gamer participants and non-gamer investors. 
Moreover, by leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs), BitPool enables players to own and trade in-game assets through a decentralized marketplace. This design is set to increase player engagement and new economies within the BitPool ecosystem.
Commenting on the milestone, Charles Adenuoye, the CEO and co-founder of BitSport said:

 “The GameFi industry presents significant potential for innovation and financial inclusion with the fusion of gaming and blockchain technologies. It creates opportunities for gamers to monetize their skills while enjoying themselves, and allows investors to participate in the growth of gaming ecosystems, encouraging the development of novel experiences.”

BitSport launches BITP 
To celebrate the launch of BitPool V2, BitSport is conducting a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping event on Fjordfoundry for its governance token, BITP. 
The event, set from July 21 to 26, offers BitPool enthusiasts an early opportunity to acquire BITP tokens, which serve as the foundation of BitPool’s gaming ecosystem.
Bitsport chose the pool game sector due to the global excitement for the game. This popularity is evident in the fact that the 8 Ball Pool app holds the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded billiard game, surpassing one billion downloads in 2021. 
Their game provides a realistic 8-ball pool experience, adapting to each player’s unique style. It also has multiple game modes, allowing players to join tournaments, leagues, daily challenges, and challenge friends. 
The play-to-earn mechanics in BitPool enable players to earn cryptocurrencies based on their in-game activities and achievements. Subsequently, when combined with the growing GameFi ecosystem, it positions BitPool to tap into one of the largest player bases in the gaming industry. 

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