Billionaire Rubenstein calls Bitcoin mainstream adoption inevitable

Renowned billionaire investor David Rubenstein reiterates his belief in the long-term viability of Bitcoin, citing the substantial institutional interest.
In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Rubenstein highlighted the “enormous interest” in a currency that offers privacy and security against governmental surveillance.
Rubenstein, the co-founder of The Carlyle Group, expressed his regret for not entering the Bitcoin (BTC) market earlier. He emphasized that even if authorities discourage individuals from engaging with cryptocurrencies, the inherent desire for private and untraceable transactions remains strong globally.

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The billionaire investor pointed to significant indicators of Bitcoin’s staying power. He also highlighted the intentions of established entities like BlackRock and Fidelity, which have pursued the approval of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Rubenstein noted that the engagement of industry giants like BlackRock underscores the increasing acceptance and credibility of Bitcoin.

“If the mighty BlackRock is willing to have an ETF in Bitcoin, maybe Bitcoin will be around for a while.” 
David Rubenstein, co-founder of The Carlyle Group
This sentiment echoed his belief that Bitcoin is not merely a passing trend but an asset gradually establishing its place within the financial landscape.
During the interview, Rubenstein expressed his admiration for the utility of Bitcoin and the growing shift toward decentralized currencies. While he does not own cryptocurrencies, he has invested in companies associated with crypto trading.
He also referenced Ripple’s recent legal victory against the SEC as a positive development for the crypto industry. Rubenstein highlighted that this outcome indicates that the courts are only partially persuaded by the SEC’s negative stance on cryptocurrencies.

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