Astar Foundation partners with NTT Digital to foster web3 innovation and drive adoption

Astar Foundation, a smart contract platform for multi-chain solutions, has partnered with NTT Digital, a subsidiary of NTT DoCoMo, one of Japan’s leading telecommunications companies, to advance the innovation and mass adoption of decentralized technologies.
Astar Foundation partners with NTT Digital
The partnership will primarily focus on two key areas. Firstly, by recognizing the shortage of web3 talents as a barrier to mass adoption, Astar Foundation and NTT Digital will collaborate to support individuals aspiring to pursue careers in the domain.
The initiatives will include developing the abilities and skills of interested participants, providing practical opportunities for experience, and creating a community focused on collaboration, allowing talents and projects to connect.

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Secondly, since the web3 space is still in its early stages and evolving rapidly, Astar Foundation and NTT Digital will combine their expertise to enhance the technical infrastructure needed for a seamless blockchain experience and address concerns such as price volatility, cybersecurity, and fraud prevention.
The partnership aims to develop tools and measures that prioritize security, build trust among new users and adapt to changing situations within the Astar Network.
In a statement about the partnership, Sota Watanabe, the Founder of Astar Foundation, said:

 “We’re excited to partner with NTT Digital, who bring decades of experience in building tech infrastructure to drive adoption and innovation. Together, we will empower individuals and businesses to embrace the potential of web3, enabling a more inclusive, decentralized future.”

Creating a safe space
The Astar Foundation is essential as the primary contributor and maintainer of the Astar source code.
Astar Foundation has a record of deploying resources to expand the Astar Network through strategic partnerships, community activities, developer recruitment, grant programs, project support, and other impactful initiatives. Leveraging that expertise, the Astar Foundation is developing groundbreaking products, enabling billions of individuals to enter the web3 space. 
On the other hand, NTT Digital, established by NTT DoCoMo, is a global web3 enabler focused on creating a safe and accessible environment for individuals and businesses, allowing them to leverage innovative decentralized blockchain technologies.
The Astar Foundation and NTT Digital collaboration is a significant milestone in advancing web3 adoption. By teaming up with NTT Digital, the Astar Foundation aims to create a safe and accessible environment to onboard businesses and individuals interested in building blockchain applications.

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