Amazon expands service for developers to easily build web3 apps

At the recent AWS Web3/Blockchain Summit in New York City, Amazon said it would expand its AMB services to include Access and Query functions to enhance their support for web3 developers.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been progressively integrating web3 infrastructure into its offerings since the launch of Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) in 2019.
Amazon catering for developers in web3
These services enhance AMB’s capabilities, allowing developers to engage with public blockchains and develop scalable applications securely and rapidly. 

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With the introduction of AMB Access, developers can utilize standard remote procedure calls (RPCs) to interact with digital assets and distributed applications across multiple blockchains, beginning with Bitcoin, without needing specialized infrastructure. 
AMB Query allows developers to retrieve data from the mainnet of popular blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in a standardized format. 
These advancements are part of AWS’ ongoing efforts to integrate and enhance its offerings in the web3 space. The goal is to meet the growing needs of developers and businesses in blockchain.
Growth in web3 continues
Nonetheless, recent developments in the blockchain scene have caused some concern among industry insiders. 
Following the stablecoin meltdown in May, rumors of layoffs at companies like KuCoin, and tighter regulations in the United States, Canada, and Europe, many have begun to worry that development in web3 has stagnated. 
However, AWS’s recent announcement serves as a reminder that blockchain technology still holds significant potential for future development and growth. 
Additionally, the company has signaled its commitment to expanding its team with individuals with expertise in blockchain, smart contracts, and other web3 technologies. 
This initiative shows that major players in the industry are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving web3 landscape, even in times of uncertainty.

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